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As a small town, Kittilä offers a safe setting for studies and everyday life. All municipality sports facilities can be found right next to Kittilä higher secondary school, and the surrounding nature offers endless opportunities for outdoor sports and hobbies.

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Levi Snow Sport Academy students who come from outside the area can find accommodation either in the cell apartments offered by Kittilä housing office or in the REDU Kittilä dormitory.


Kittilä is a municipality in Finnish Lapland with just over 6,500 inhabitants. The biggest employers in Kittilä are tourism and a gold mine, which is the largest of its kind in Europe. The municipality has a long history of tourism, so we know how to welcome people from elsewhere to enjoy Lapland hospitality.

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Kittilä offers versatile opportunities for going in for sports,  and Levi ski area, offering a multitude of summer and winter activities, is just a 15 minutes drive away.